October 3, 2017



So in this video, im showing you some tinder tips or in other words, swipe right for a right night.

so at first you have to optimize your tinder profile for more matches, it may sounds really simple, but you have to make a good first impression and the first thing the other person sees, is you profile with the pictures and the bio text etc.
your first profil picture is the only thing, a potential date will see, when swiping trought the tinder world. only if they click your picture, they will see stuff like other pictures or your bio.
they will judge you based on your first picture, so use it for your benefit.
you have to optimize your profil, so that the best picture of you, shows up first. but it can be very difficult to choose the “best” picture. thats why you have to do some research.
write the number of matches you currently have down. change nothing on your profile than your first picture. then swipe right to maybe 20 people. wait for one or two days, then look how many matches you got. then continue this process with up to 3 or 5 pictures and you will see, which one gets the most response or in other words the most matches, this will be your first picture from now on, dont be afraid to try it with pictures that are really different, like a selfie pic, a pic while doing your hobby etc. but dont take any group pictures, it should be totally clear, that its your account. nobody likes to guess for some minutes, which ones account it is.
next tip: your tinder bio

a lot of people not using the tinder bio, cause they are thinking, that it is not that important, but like you maybe guess, it is, but be aware of only putting stuff in their, you dont want. better focus on what you want on a partner etc.
maybe write a funny quote about a sport you like in the bio, it shows that you have humour and hobbies, not that bad signal, i think.

the first message should be more than the average “hi”

the first message should stand out, yes you have to message first as a guy, the ratio of girls that message first is really small.
write something like: “could we maybe tell or kids, that we met in the park ?”.
or some other sentence with a lot of humour.
or if you are not that comedy guy, ask something about the content of her bio or something about her picures.
dont stay in the tinder chat:

girls get a lot of tinder messages every day. but not that much of whatsappmessages every day, so try as fast a s possible, to move to whatsapp or facebook.
Move The Conversation Off Tinder Quickly. but dont tell her something like she should give you her number, better tell her something like, lets chat on whatsapp.

try to get a date:

after chatting with her for some days. on whatsapp about everything like hobbies and other stuff, you have to ask for a date. to check if she is maybe also interested in sex, just make sometimes some jokes, related to sex, you will see how she responds, if she says something positve, like she is also making a joke, thats a good sign, if she is telling you something like that you only want the one thing and that all guys are the same, she is maybe not the one, that wants to have some fun after a tinder match. maybe try to get a date in the evening, cause the atmosphere for sex is much better then.

hope you liked these tips and would be happy if you subscribe me and give me a thumb up. see ya in the next video, bye.

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